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Listening + Understanding = Solutions

Take Charge of Awkward and Uncomfortable Conversations


Are you feeling frustrated with difficult conversations?

It can feel like it is all uphill when people aren't really listening and it becomes a never ending climb to get things done. Our proven management formula is designed to help you to navigate difficult conversations toward solutions:

Listening + Understanding = Solutions
★ Listening: When two or more parties aren’t really listening it becomes frustrating, and sometimes awkward, for all.
★ Understanding: When people understand another’s point of view, it becomes a smoother transition to develop a consensus.
★ Solutions: When parties listen to each other, and understand different points of view, people can develop their own solutions.
When you commit to a culture of learning about how to manage difficult conversations, the benefits are endless. Here are a few of the key benefits you will get from our training:
  • You will be able to recognize the triggers of conflict and unique patterns of conflict in relationships.
  • You will be able to use a consistent formula to manage difficult conversations using proven methods.
  • You will be able to manage the room when people are having a difficult time staying focused on what needs to be decided.
When you develop a mastery for using a proven conflict management formula in all of your difficult conversations:
  • You will develop skills to help people find long lasting solutions.
  • You will develop skills to manage heightened emotions during a difficult conversation.
  • You will develop trust in your clients to know that they can count on you to help them stay focused to find the best solutions. 
The Brain Jacks Inc. formula offers proven strategies through:
☛ Learning Retreats
☛ Custom Training
☛ Online Courses
All of our training is accepted as continuing education credit hours at your professional association.
Understanding how conflict emerges and manifests itself in relationships is the first step to understanding how to manage difficult conversations. You can gain access to one of our courses for a limited time by creating a FREE Learner Account. Once you have authorized your registration details, you can click 'Add to Cart' on 'How to Work Through the Cycle of Conflict at Work' and at check-out, add the Promo Code: 'Suzanne2015'.
You will have immediate access to this course and get a Certificate of Completion that you can use for continuing education credit hours with your professional association. Follow these 4 Steps to get started:

Step 1: Create a FREE Learner Account;

Step 2: Authorize your registration;

Step 3: Click Add to Cart on FREE Course and enter PROMO Code: Suzanne2015;

Step 4: Sign in and start learning about how to master difficult conversations.


Leading With Perspective

"Suzanne knew best how to support each of my staff members as individuals, and provided advice on ensuring they had the tools they needed to do their work. She met with each of them individually, and ensured that they were comfortable in their roles around staffing. She also provided mentorship for delivering training. She provided on-site assistance, and training feedback, again, drawing on her experience as an educator. Suzanne exceeded expectations!”

- David Graham, Field Operations Supervisor (FOS) Statistics Canada- 2011 Census

Passionate Leader

"Suzanne is one of the most innovative, energetic, creative and charismatic women I know. She's genuinely interested in people and in improving lives. She empowers individuals and recruits the masses to get involved, to share their passion and get things done! Her social and political consciousness, coupled with her education and experiences make for a highly motivated, extremely passionate leader; one that I feel blessed to know and work with!" 

- Chriss Lawson, Family Court Counsellor/ Social Worker, Government of Alberta


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Thousands of people have mastered the difficult conversations with our proven management formula.

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