We provide accredited professionals with continuing education.

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    Meeting your customers needs is the reason why you are in business. Our micro-courses will provide you and your staff teams with strategies to ensure that you have satisfied customers.
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    The workplace environment is ever-changing and our customized professional development training for accredited professionals is designed to respond to current needs.
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    The field of human services is constantly changing to meet current needs and trends. Our training is reviewed and evaluated for relevant and current information.
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What You'll Find Here...

Continuing Education at Your Fingertips

Whenever. Wherever.

We provide practical and innovative continuing education in our elearning micro-courses. 

In an increasingly competitive and globalized workforce, needed skills to achieve business goals and workplace productivity are essential and ever-changing. We have created micro-courses so you can engage in relevant learning experiences with 60-90 minute lessons.

Our team of experienced curriculum designers recognize the importance of innovative learning opportunities for both business and personal success and have developed continuing education micro-courses for:

      • Business Communication,
      • Business Facilitation,
      • Business Mediation and
      • Business Negotiation.

To enrol in any of our micro-courses, create a FREE Learner Account. The steps are simple:

  1. Click here to create a FREE Learner Account and activate your Learner Account.

  2. Browse our micro-courses on the 'Take a Course' page.

  3. Click 'Enrol Now' to enrol and then, complete your purchase with any major credit card using a secure PayPal transaction.

You will be immediately enrolled and able to view your micro-course on any device.

We also offer Customized Training and Professional Development Training in both an online format and a workshop format. Visit 'Our Services' for more information.

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Once you have activated your Learner Account, and are logged in, you can purchase courses with any major credit card through our secure PayPal transaction system. Click here to create your Learner Account now.

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Visit our 'How to eLearn' page for a list of FAQ's.

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  • Continuing education is important for any accredited professional. Our online courses are designed for you to learn in micro-lessons (60-90 mins.)
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  • We will work with you to design and develop training for your organization and your staff. We also provide an online platform to deliver your training.
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  • Suzanne is available for your next training event. She has spoken at many conferences for conflict management, mediation and negotiation.
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Why Brain Jacks Inc.?

Suzanne, our founder and CEO is passionate about learning and bridging knowledge. Her breadth and depth of experience in business, and as an entrepreneur, is a lifelong vocation. With academic education that includes a Master’s of Art in Conflict Analysis Management, a Certificate in Conflict Management and the internationally recognized Instructional Skills Workshop for educators, she leads her team in designing and developing relevant training that is full of tips and expertise from her years as a practicing Chartered Mediator, educator and business owner. Our continuing education and professional development training is designed and developed using post secondary standards and can be used for professional associations as applied credit hours. Get started today by taking one of our online micro-courses or ‘Contact Us’ for more information about Customized Training and workshop based Professional Development Training.